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Build your dream with a team of digital asset management professionals

Morgan Asset Management Investing Inc is a team of financial professionals with deep expertise and decades of experience managing digital assets. We help individuals and institutional investors get the most out of their cryptocurrency investment, build wealth, and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Grow Your Business With Fast, Affordable Crypto Loans

As part of our commitment to helping our clients achieve financial freedom, we are offering businesses worldwide small and large crypto loans to fuel their growth. We understand that the global economic crisis is having an outsized negative effect on businesses, so we are providing credits to support you through these tough times. Whether you are looking for credits to keep your business running, finance your expansion, or build your dream home. We have got you covered! Get a crypto loan today!

Our services

Investment in loans

Minimum investment: $10 000

APR 15% - 18%

Dividends every month

Min term: 1 year

Max term: 6 years

Performance fee: 10%

Fix Tether (USDT)

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Loan amount: $10mil - $100mil

Monthly rate 1.1% (13.2% annual)

Security deposit 25% from the loan amount

Term 6 years

One-time commission for issuing 5%

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Crypto investment

Minimum investment $1 000

Average APY 14% - 19%

Dividends every week

Deposit available at any time

Max term: 6 years

Performance fee: 10%

Fix BTC or USD

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The structure of work with the crypto investment product

Basic terms of the contract

Annual yield 12%-24%
Withdrawal of dividends weekly
Premature withdrawal of a deposit at any time
Performance fee 10% of dividends
Term 6 years

Contract preparation and payment

Step 1 Identification

Provision of an identity document (passport or ID).

Step 2 Fixing

Client can choose whether he/she'd like to withdraw the investment in USD or BTC. For example:

  • invest $100 000 and withdraw $100 000, regardless of Bitcoin volatility, you return your investment; or
  • invest 10 BTC and withdraw 10 BTC, for those who expect Bitcoin price to rise or who'd like to keep BTC for further paymans or investments.

Step 3 Wallet

Provision of a BTC wallet where dividends will be paid to (if needed, we can help you register your own wallet).

Step 4 Payment

Transfer of BTC to the company’s address specified in the contract.

The accrual of the dividends begins right after the transfer gets confirmed in the blockchain.

Step 5 Platform

Registration on the Morgan platform.

The structure of work with the loan product

Basic terms of the contract

Loan US$ 10 - 100 mln
APR (deposit 25% of a loan) 7.8%
APR (deposit 50% of a loan) 2.4%
Loan disbursement period 3 months (since a deposit)
Minimum deposit US$ 2.5 mln

Loan disbursement procedure

Step 1 Deposit

Crypto investment process described here.

Step 2 Documents

Preparation of documents for issuing a loan (3 months).

Providing a business plan.

Risk assessment.

Step 3 Schedule

Determination of the loan repayment schedule:

  • Monthly loan repayment form - the body and interest are paid monthly in equal parts over the validity period of the Agreement.
  • Credit holidays (1st option) - the monthly payment of the loan body begins from the second month after the loan is granted, interest is paid monthly.
  • Credit holidays (2nd option) - the loan body is paid at the end of each calendar year, interest is paid monthly.

Other options for repayment of the loan are also considered according to the specifics of the project.

Step 4 Issuance

Issuance of a loan in BTС to a wallet.

Purchase and construction of real estate
in cryptocurrency


Make your dream

Make your dream of owning a home a reality by becoming a part of our crypto investment program. Our unique, time-tested, and proven crypto strategy provides up to 20% dividends yearly on your investment. With these dividends, thousands of our clients have been able to buy their dream home, invest in rental real estate properties, and purchase luxuries formerly beyond their means.

As a premier asset management company, we have been helping our clients manage financial instruments for more than three decades and crypto-assets since its inception. Over the years, our financial experts have learned what works and what doesn’t. Through our successes, we have grown from a small consulting company to an international brand with partnerships with reputable, large financial corporations like JP Morgan Chase & Co. What’s more, we own and manage one of the most advanced cryptocurrency mining farms in the world.

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Why Choose Morgan Asset Management
Investing Inc

For Individual investor

We leverage our expertise, experience, and technology to help you earn steady passive income, grow your wealth and become financially independent. As an individual investor, you will receive your dividends on your investment weekly in your personal cryptocurrency wallet. This way, you are not only earning profits from our strategy but also from the growth in the value of cryptocurrencies.

For Institutional investors

Institutional investors working with Morgan Asset Management Investment Inc get weekly and sometimes daily dividends. We also give you access to withdraw your capital at any time. What’s more, we offer our institutional investors flexible loans when they need additional capital to grow their business. We loaned over $500 million to clients who needed financial support to keep their business afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Why We Choose Cryptocurrency Below are some of the reasons why we added cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and others to the list of assets we manage for our clients.


Best performing asset

It is no secret that cryptocurrencies performed better than traditional assets like stocks in the last 12 years. For example, while the average returns on S&P 500 stocks average about 8% per year, bitcoin grew from $1 in 2009 to $50,000+ in the space of 12 years.

Decentralized Asset

Bitcoin and other digital assets are not tied down to government bodies or financial institutions. Investors don’t have to worry about fiscal policies, recessions, and other factors that affect traditional and alternative assets.

24/7 Markets

Unlike stock markets, like the New York Stock Exchange, which is only open during regular business hours, the crypto market is open 24/7. You can mine, trade, buy and sell bitcoin on weekends and even on holidays.

Incredible Processing Times and Low Fees

More individuals and businesses are adopting cryptocurrencies as their first-choice medium of exchange because of their fast processing time and low fees. Unlike wire transfers that take 2-3 business days and cost a significant amount of money, payments via bitcoins are confirmed in minutes and cost a few bucks.

Innovative Crypto Investment Strategies

At Morgan Asset management company, we only use tested and time-proven investment strategies that guarantee maximum returns and reduce our clients’ risk exposure.


We strive to be open in all we do. We keep our clients updated on their investments at all times to ensure they are never left in the dark.

World-class technology

We are constantly investing in technology to stay at the forefront of the asset management space. Our crypto mining firm is one of the largest and most advanced globally.

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We Are On Popular News Media


We pride ourselves as one of the few digital asset management companies in the world whose successes and achievements have been featured on some of the world's leading global business publications like Forbes, American Stock Exchange, The Guardian, Yahoo Finance, and more. When you work with Morgan Asset Management Inc, you enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that you are working with one of the best hands in the financial world.

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