~ April 10, 2022 ~

Invest $100,000 To Get Dividends on $110,000 For Six Months

We are launching a promotion in Kazakhstan, Dubai, Panama, and Saudi Arabia to make our investment products more affordable and get more investors on board. If you live in any of these regions, you can invest in our high-yielding products for as low as $10,000 to earn 14% - 19% yearly dividends.

As part of this promotion, those investing $100,000 or more will also be getting a 10% markup on their deposit for six months. In other words, when you invest $100,000 with us, we’ll add $10,000 to it for six months, and you will be getting dividends on $110,000 for this period. What’s more, all our crypto investment products are 100% risk-free. So you can invest with us with the peace of mind that your assets are secured.