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Morgan Asset Management Investment Inc.

Panama, Panama City, P.H. Plaza Obarrio, 2nd floor. office 205

Morgan Asset Management Digital LTD

UK, London, Wenlock Road N1 7GU 20-22.

Our Team


Miss Daryna Kazariants

USA and Latin America region

Miss Daryna Kazariants is Senior Financial Advisor in Panama. Miss Kazariants is the CEO of Morgan Asset Management Investing Inc in Panama and CEO of the world-famous American holding company Morgan Investment Holding. The company already has an established 32-year reputation as a major financial advisor, providing unique products for various segments of investors.

Miss Daryna Kazariants was the head of the banking branch in Europe, having more than 7 years of experience in the banking industry and over 10 years working with investments. For the past 5 plus years, as part of working with Morgan Investment Holding, which has over $2 billion in assets, she has contributed to the implementation of revolutionary products in the investment market and increasingly growing their reputation.

Mr. Serhii Kocheharov

USA and Latin America region

Mr. Koch has over 15 years of experience in the investment, banking and insurance sectors. An incredibly smart and capable financier, able to see many moves ahead in his actions and appearing to come out ahead every time. He is hardly ever on the losing side, and his intelligence, shrewdness, and decisive leadership often win him the awe and respect of friends and partners.

Regional Management

Mr. Manuel De Lara Exposito

Manager for VIP clients in Latin America and Europe

Professional Financial advisor. Mr. Manuel de Lara has 2 years of experience with high-level founds transactions in Great Britain focused on the best experience for his clients, giving their best returned. He also helps to develop their business with financial strategy. His clients are focused on Real Estate, energy, and farming.

Miss Rachel Him

Sales supervisor in Latin America

She has experience in the field of Investments and Crypto Investments. Has extensive experience working with different levels of investors. Has professional communication skills with investors. Experience in banking and crypto sphere. Professionally supervises and trains team in Latin America. Always finds opportunities to expand the company's products in different parts of the country. Despite her young age, she has already achieved significant results in the company and is rapidly gaining momentum.

Mr. Mario Moreno

Regional manager in Panama

A financial adviser who has more than 10 years experience of UK investment market. Experienced with cryptocurrency. Has a very positive reputation and product knowledge.

Mr. James Coughlan

Regional manager in Latin America and USA

He works at a high level with US hedge funds, knows the ins and outs of classical investing and has over 15 years of experience investing in the US market.

Mr. Gil Alvarez

Regional manager in Panama and Venezuela

Banking and finance professional with an emphasis on international business. Experienced in supervising sales, telesales, customer service and technical support teams.

Mr. Carlos Alberto

Regional manager for Latin America

Has worked as a financial broker and over 15 years in banking. Served as head of one of the major banks in Panama. He is a professional financial advisor. He has an exclusive approach to clients and works on the breakdown of the company's products amongst the Latin American banking sector.