Institutional investor


Even a tiny investment in digital assets may have a significant effect.
Consider adopting a new strategy if you want to grow.We offer crypto loans, hedging options, structured products, as well as other yield products to assist our customers in accessing and safeguarding their crypto assets.Through our worldwide footprint, our company presently serves over 10.000 establishments. The biggest miners, hedge funds, token funds, proprietary trading businesses, asset managers, family offices, and HNWIs from both the crypto and conventional financial worlds are among our clientele.For all of its funds our company works with reputable service providers that are experienced with conventional markets. Our blue-chip service provider collaborators include big names in the industry.

We provide financial institutions with a variety of services, including treasury, trading, as well as lending. We design tailored plans for digital asset access and liquidity with conventional investment funds, businesses, and private organizations.


Solutions with a Plan

We provide tailored structured solutions to assist our customers manage their risks and increase their crypto profits.

Services Off-the-Shelf

For our customers, we presently handle over lots of funds in deals every day. Our company offers a third-party institutional custody solution, in addition to bank-grade security, provides robust and adaptable corporate crypto management tools that make day-to-day operations simple and risk-free. We protect USD 2 billion for more than 10.000 customers.



We provide Loans with a 9-13% interest rate and liquidation protection, in addition to crypto-backed loans or real estate. We offer stablecoins and cryptocurrency loans at favorable terms to miners, trading businesses, as well as funds as one of the leading worldwide crypto lenders.

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain-based product suite addresses long-standing industry issues in conventional finance, decentralized finance, commerce, & trade.

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