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Morgan Asset Management Investing Inc offers services that help individuals and institutional investors grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom. Our services include crypto investment, crypto mining, and investment in loans that provide you a fixed monthly return on your capital. We also offer fast, affordable crypto loans you can take to grow your business or build your dream homes. Unlike traditional loans, our crypto loans are more accessible as they are not based on your company’s credit score or financial situation. In addition, we charge a competitive interest rate, and our loan products are designed to help you earn dividends on your collateral. Explore our range of services below.

Investment in loans

Minimum investment: $10 000

APR 15% - 18%

Dividends every month

Min term: 1 year

Max term: 6 years

Performance fee: 10%

Fix Tether (USDT)

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Loan amount: $10mil - $100mil

Monthly rate 1.1% (13.2% annual)

Security deposit 25% from the loan amount

Term 6 years

One-time commission for issuing 5%

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Crypto investment

Minimum investment $1 000

Average APY 14% - 19%

Dividends every week

Deposit available at any time

Max term: 6 years

Performance fee: 10%

Fix BTC or USD

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How our crypto trading works

For example, a client signs a contract with us, invests $100,000 and buys 4 Bitcoins when Bitcoin is trading at $25,000. In the contract, the client chooses whether we will pay him/her back the $100,000 deposit in US dollars or in 4 Bitcoins. In this case, the client understands that if he/she binds the issuance of his/her deposit to Bitcoin, it carries a risk. Because Bitcoin may rise, for example, and he/she can get back $200,000 or more, or Bitcoin may decline and the client may get back $5,000 or less for his/her $100,000 deposit. But dividends will continue to accrue on the $100,000 deposit. The deposit is not used in the trading. That's how we are offering a risk-free investment

At the point of signing a contract with us, you will choose how you want to receive the invested amount and dividends. We offer our investors two options – you can withdraw either as BTC or USD on Coinbase Exchange.

For example:
investment 1 BTC
withdrawal 1 BTC
Fixed in BTC on Coinbase exchange


For example:
investment $100 000
withdrawal $100 000
Fixed in USD on Coinbase exchange

Build your dream home with cryptocurrency investment

At Morgan Asset Management Investing Inc, we believe cryptocurrency is the future. Our goal is to guide you there and help you get the most out of the digital economy. We leverage our world-class capabilities to identify investors' needs and design risk-free strategies to achieve their goals. We offer individual and institutional investors a range of services that allow them to steer their capital in high-performing digital asset investment products. Our risk-free trading strategies provide you steady dividends on your investment. When you invest with us, you enjoy the peace of mind that your assets are in the best hands. Our range of services includes crypto investment, crypto loans, crypto mining, and more.



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