Taxes and Tips

To maximize your investment returns, we do not recommend to use old fashion tools like stocks, bonds etc. Know the effect that taxes can have on what actually ends up in your pocket.

Investments that trade quickly “high turnover” stock that has moved up in price does lock in a profit for the fund, this is a profit for which taxes have to be paid. Turnover in a fund creates taxable capital gains, which are paid by the fund shareholders.

All funds are now mandated by the SEC to show both their before- and after-tax returns. The differences between what a fund is reportedly earning, and what a fund is earning after taxes are paid on the dividends and capital gains, can be quite striking. If you plan to hold funds in a taxable account, be sure to check out these historical returns in the fund prospectus to see what kind of taxes you might be likely.

We do propose to refuse classic investments and move to high demanded and save tools such as loans in stable crypto like USDT. Considering the fact that taxation of cryptocurrencies is not mandatory in all jurisdictions, we help our clients to make the right choice and work smoothly without interference from tax authorities and banks.